A Journey of Initiation


Vincent Gaudry

A Journey of

Taking the path to the mysteries of nature leads to the domaine of Vincent Gaudry.

Home to symmetry,
balance and harmony.

Among his vines, he thinks of himself as the intersection of the vertical lines that irrigate the soil, and the horizontal lines that feed it; the confluence of that which comes to us from the sky, and that which comes to us from the earth.

His wine is the fusion of the material and the immaterial, and of natural phenomena and time.

The mingling of water, sun, wind, flint, clay and limestone. The coalescing of that which lives, both above and below, that which dies, decomposes or fossilizes, and the experience acquired from time immemorial by the ancestors.

For Vincent
the initiation starts in the
Constellation du Scorpion.

or Scorpio, his star sign.

A sharp sign,
like the flint among his vines.

A water sign.

Water which carries mineral salts, the memory of the elements and the memory of the terroirs.

As in all journeys of initiation, the believer in wine faces east, to meet the sun, midway, at the top of the hill, where the subsoil is nothing but flint. From here comes a precious bottle:

“À mi-chemin”.

In going back down toward Sury-en-Vaux, the valley of smiles, one comes upon “la Rabotine”,
where the vines are in their eighties.

There one hums the Mélodie de vieilles vignes the melody of old vines, as a tribute to those which have given and continue to give the best of themselves for nearly a century.

But the old vines are demanding. They don’t bestow themselves easily. They have to be fussed over, and the tractor is unwelcome among them.

Pauline’s mare reigns supreme on this clay-limestone plot.

Approaching the Vincengetorix vines, one can see the Gaulish chieftain. Vincent takes risks.

Then, shaking her collar and opening her mouth wide, “Caramel” invites us to go along the little Tournebrideroad.

A final glance is cast towards the Château and the tower of the most beautiful village in France, Sancerre.

This is Pour vous ! The reward is close.

The path of the initiate ends
in the Séverine’s temple.

As at Mycenae, Greece,
here too, the treasure of
Atreus can be discovered.